And this is the final big announcement for NDY2014. There are still a few things up our sleeves, but with this, the schedule has been posted and TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE THIS FRIDAY. There are multiple events almost every night & a wicked pre-show happening Wednesday at S.H.I.B.G.B’s. See what you want to see, skip what you don’t. See the full schedule here: following bands will be joining the lineup…IRON LUNGPOWER TRIPCAREER SUICIDEMINDSETANASAZIPLEASURE LEFTISTSBLAZING EYEPUCE MARYCOLUMN OF HEAVENTENEMENTTEENANGERBURNING LOVEDEMOLITIONNOT AFRAIDCAUGHT IN A CROWDPROXYABSOLUTVCRFURYBLACK BARONBORN WRONGRAZORHEADSTHE SENTENCEDLIFE LIKEANIMAL MOTHERFARANGANCIENT HEADSWILD SIDEMARVELOUS MARKHIRED GOONSCONUNDRUMTickets will be available for most shows. They go on sale THIS FRIDAY at Rotate This in Toronto and online at - There are no weekend passes available. Buy tickets for what you want to see and skip what you don’t!Please note that all online tickets are Will Call only!See you in November!

There is one copy of BE STIFF 2 left at FEEL IT distribution center. It’s a big turd of a zine, poorly written and designed by yours truly. Features interviews with CRETINS, CULO and CABIN FEVER ZINE, some pictures, and some stale editorials. Next issue will come with custom match books. lookout.
Are tickets for the twitching tongues show available online? If so, where can I order them?

Not that I have seen.